This client wanted to transform her space from empty to glam.  She already had a great color on the wall, a modern white sofa, full dining room suite and a faux fireplace in need of a revamp.  From there I ran with my design and looked for traditional pieces that I could modernize with color and fabric.  Antiquing the mirrors in this space was a an easy way to add drama and a custom feel to the space.  I'm a huge brass animal collector, so when I saw her large brass deer,  I knew it needed a home on the fireplace and around that I added in other small items to give the space texture and uniqueness.  Thrilled with the glam feel I was able to create for my client! 


I love how this eclectic chic room install turned out. I was challenged to transform this space without painting the walls, the color was a great neutral but my client wanted to have the walls updated so that the room truly felt refreshed. 

Challenge accepted!

I used fabric on a focal wall and vinyl stickers both were safe for the walls and temporary. Thrifted items, lots of pattern and layers and a custom headboard completed the space.  

The Donaghys are an easy going  sweet couple that needed a fresh look in their master bedroom.  We wanted to give the space an effortless shabby chic feel with a focal point headboard.  My client's room was inspired by the antique fireplace she had found with the hopes of repurposing it into a headboard.    I pulled this room together by finding vintage pieces that I revamped and layering the room with pattern, texture and color.  I really enjoyed how this room came together! 




It was happenstance that I found this amazing client; I had purchased an item from her spacious home and discovered she had a Great Dane like me and was a fellow DIY-er herself!

She asked me to come and tackle her living room and kitchen area. She wanted an updated cohesive space with using her existing furniture and wall color as it was recently painted.  I knew the relaxed but chic look was what she was going for so I was very excited to pitch the idea of planking her walls.

As always, I approached the room with a DIY sense (its way more fun to create than to order from a catalogue!) and started collecting unique finds I could incorporate into her space. I love how the install turned out! It feels comfortable and lived in while still being chic and unique!

The Smith Makeover


This transformation was very special to me. They are family friends so I wanted to make sure they loved every bit of their new space - lest they hound me for years to come! 

This spacious home had a case of the blahs, it just lacked charm and this family is too fun for that! We brought in color, unique art (thanks to their darling girls) and highlighted inherited family pieces throughout the space. My favorite part of this space was the dining room, I really loved the gallery wall with the girl's art - such a great way to make your home unique! 

This guest room was bland and lacked character like the rest of the home had.  It needed a revamp which was just in time for the holidays!  My client very much knew what she was going for: vintage pieces, a focal headboard, quotes and family pictures all around the room.  She has a wonderful collection of vintage pieces that only needed an update and the headboard I custom created for the space.  I was thrilled with this rooms install and the bonus was snuggle time with her adorable new puppy!