Baby McKim Gender Reveal!

When we found out we were expecting it was a whirlwind of emotions and questions and one of the first big ones is - is it a boy or a girl!?  We spent about 2 seconds thinking we could wait till birth to find out....not for us!  So we started counting down the days to the gender reveal appointment.

In the beginning I toyed with the idea of letting my sister and best friends handle planning a fun reveal for us.  It was certainly fun talking about different ways to do it but none quite felt like it was really me - you don't get to repeat the first pregnancy so I pulled the trump card and said that I would handle planning it out.  I'm sure you are getting to know me still because I certainly don't blog enough, BUT I am a DIY addict, I own my own furniture store and I go to Home Depot so often I could grab a snack in the break room and no one would question me being there. I knew I had to have my reveal at my local HD.

On my very next run to the store I asked to speak to the manager, I had finally figured out how I wanted to surprise our family and friends and wanted to make sure I had permission.  Conversation was simple but definitely not what she thought I would be asking about, but I got the go ahead very quickly.  Next step was finding a photographer and as I do with all things, I looked for local recommendations first.  I scrolled a page on FB that I follow and landed on LiveLight Photography.  I went to their page and just loved their flow and way of capturing moments.  I was hoping they would be on board with my idea for the shoot - they were!  So all things were in place. 

Finally it was time for the big day, even Charlotte our Dane was excited about the day! 

I had my sister meet me at the doctors to enjoy the appointment with us and keep the secret as well!  After that we went home and got ready for our photo shoot at Home Depot.  Say what!? Yes we booked the photographer to shoot us at the store and the gender reveal would be at the paint counter.  I love overalls (useful and cute) so of course no matter the sex our little one would have plenty of matching pairs just like mommy, but my dear friend got me a pair as a gift that were the perfect accessory for the shoot. 

Once we got to Home Depot we passed off the gender envelope to the paint department and told them to get it mixed up for our big surprise! We knew it was best to do the reveal at the end because I would be emotional, Nicki started snapping away and it was so nice to have the staff around helping us document this special day! I know its odd but there was truly no better way to do a reveal for our baby, this day will always be a very special memory and to top it off they surprised us with some Home Depot baby gear - I CAN'T EVEN!!!  I'm so ready for Nicki to capture our little man upon his arrival! 


To all other expecting moms and dads, how are you sharing the gender news!?