DIY Session: Sand-n-Paint at The Lab

Got a DIY project that’s been a “DIY project” for a little too long? That lovely old stool from your grandma is waiting to be brought back to life, but, with what time, and what tools? I know, people tell me all the time, “I started on this DIY project, but it’s just sitting in a corner of my living room”. This happens way too often and is the main reason I started the DIY Lab. 

What’s… The Lab?

The DIY Lab is a DIY-er’s dream - studio rental by the day so that you can come create and get messy in a zone specifically made for this purpose! No need to worry about keeping the floor clean of sanding residue, or spilling paint on your countertops. The DIY Lab was designed specifically for the crafty creator inside of you, but just lacks the space and resources to complete your super cool DIY Projects!

When can I come to The Lab?

Next Saturday, join me and other crafty DIY-ers for a Sand-n-Paint day at The Lab. Bring whichever pieces you’ve been waiting to get started on, or even something you’re looking forward to creating - and let’s get messy!

For more information about the Lab and to sign up, click here.

Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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