The McCullough Project - Install Day!

Corbitt is the youngest and most vibrant client I've had to date.  Being that she was on the cusp of turning double-digits, it was time to redesign her bedroom.  We started with the basics; what is your favorite colors and what do you want your space to be like?  She let me know that she loved colors in the blue family, wanted a hanging chair, daybed and display for her artwork.  I had a great time creating her mood board and here you can see the first part of this blog post!   

We had our final review meeting and I was ready to go shopping!  We needed to make sure the room was stylish yet functional, she has lots of books and artwork that needed to have designated places in the room.  The room was already painted and had a chalkboard accent wall for lots of doodles and notes.  The room was already off to a great start with the colors, two bookshelves and some other accessories they already had.  

Ikea is always a great place for useful pieces to add to your space and the good thing is that you can easily hack their items to give their furniture a more custom look.  As always, I like to mix in vintage pieces and accents to make the space feel very unique and special.  Once I had my shopping done it was time get to work and start the install.  She needed a day bed so that she could properly host in her new room. I chose the Brimnes daybed for her space;  it was the right size for her room and it was a great shell to add a custom headboard and new hardware to.  The bookshelves were easy to update with a removable wallpaper in a great mint color that went with the palette for the room.  

I wanted to make sure that everything I brought into the space would work for a long time, she is a modern girl that didn't just want a pink princess room!  I wanted to give her unique custom curtains without investing too much in materials or on custom panels.  I did some research and decided to dip dye (I started from the top going dark to light) the curtains navy with a shibori technique.  It was very easy and the finished product looked fantastic! 

I had the big items finished so it was time to finish the install and stage the room. It was very fun going through her library, she had a bunch of great childhood classics!   The finished space has a modern eclectic vibe that I know she will enjoy for many years to come!