DIY Ottoman Class Recap!

Teaching my first DIY class meant the world to me; it was something I have always wanted to share with others and it was amazing to do so. To my first students I send a big THANK YOU to signing up and coming to learn!  I very much wanted it to be hands on and you learn while working and not just observing what I do. I was floored to see how well everyone caught on and learned so quickly. 

It would be an ideal world to have no errors or hiccups along the road but we all know, that is just not life! Our machines wanted to jam at times and the wood needed to be shaved down but the class pulled together and we solved these issues as a team. I truly couldn't be more proud of everyone who came!  I am working on a schedule for more DIY classes and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I also need to give lots of credit and thanks to my friends Emily Barnes and Sequoya Addison for taking great pictures while we were working! 

I'm proud to show off my first DIY students: Emily, Shahida, Faye, Dyan, Julie, Hanna, Audra, Miriam and Megan!