Eclectic Chic: Dining Room Makeover

Eclectic :: ec·lec·tic

adjective: eclectic; adjective: Eclectic

deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Chic :: sheek

adjective, chicer, chicest.

1. attractive and fashionable; stylish


2. style and elegance, especially in dress

3. stylishness; modishness

4. casual and understated style, as in dress or décor, that expresses a specified trendy lifestyle or activity

I love working on client projects that give me a bit of a challenge. The creative energy I get from really going the extra mile and out of the box for my clients inspires me every step of the way. The challenge this go round was to provide my client with a dining room makeover, while not changing the walls or entire dining set.

Our style inspiration is eclectic chic (hence the definitions above). I created a mood board to showcase the sources of our inspiration. You’ll see lots of texture, patterns, and color, although neutral and subtle.

We are focusing on revamping her existing chairs, adding some texture and patterns with new curtains, and of course, unique wall decor.

The chairs got a simple but chic makeover by adding fabric to top of the chairs and removing some additional detail on the chairs that dated the look. 

 The chandelier had a great shape and the size was perfect for the space but the current brass finish was not working with the decor.  Easy fix - spray paint can transform anything!  I taped off the glass, dissembled the light and sprayed all the pieces with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

I love being able to select art from my very talented local artists and create (shout out to my bestie who created the very pretty chalkboard for this space!)  some of my own unique wall hangings for my clients.  A good tip is to also have your clients leave out frames and artwork  for you to add to the space.  It completes the space and helps it feel very custom and unique. I made a diy wall clock pulling in materials we used in another space of my clients home - it was easy and a great way to add wall art to large walls without breaking the bank.

The space came together as I had hoped - eclectic, chic and unique! Most importantly my client is thrilled and we are ready to tackle another space in her home! Thanks for looking! Leave me a comment or question!